The Tales of Three British Youths

The powerful effect of early intervention for improving the mental & physical health outcomes of a community

Are you tasked with ensuring better quality, more appropriate and more cost-effective health care for your community? Early intervention in childhood trauma is one of the most powerful ways to combat the development of mental and physical illness in later life.

‘The Tales of Three Young British People’ includes narratives that illustrate the potency of early interventions. Download your copy to be introduced to three typically British youngsters, characters based on up-to-date UK mental health data:

  • Chantelle, from child to teenage mother. Listen to her heartbreaking tale illustrating the generational impact of childhood trauma.
  • Tessa, the promising architecture student. Her tale illustrates the economic losses when failing to intervene in mental illness.
  • Dwayne, a pre-adolescent with conduct disorder. A youth who, without intervention, runs the risk of developing antisocial personality disorder – a condition nearly impossible to treat.

You have the power to improve the UK’s long-term socio-economic outlook by supporting mental health foundations that provide early intervention services.

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