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Mental ill health costs us more than we can imagine.


The Invisible Costs of Mental Health Problems

In the January 2014 London Mental Health Report, the citizens of London is challenged to break the silence around mental health issues:

“Churchill called depression his ‘black dog’. Many other public figures have more recently spoken of their battles with mental ill health. Yet it remains a topic, we, the British people are reluctant to discuss.”


Get your copy of the report to learn about the wider impacts of mental ill health, including:

  • Economic and social costs: Reductions in quality of life
  • Economic and social costs: Lost output
  • Economic and social costs: Caring
  • Economic and social costs: Crime
  • Economic and social costs: Intergenerational impact
  • Economic and social costs: Public expenditure real resource costs
  • Fiscal costs: Public spending on treatments
  • Fiscal costs: Lost taxes

“I have been ill since 1989. In that time I’ve received invaluable support from Bridge. Seeing support workers regularly and talking about my problems helps me manage and I’m doing well”.

John – Self-Referral

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