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Bridge’s Support Services Aim to Help People to Become Independent of Services.


At Bridge, we don’t just rely on our experience. We are constantly consulting our partners and clients to help us improve and develop our services. We began as a small organisation working minor miracles on a shoestring budget and we still maintain that cost consciousness today. Recent reviews by our main stakeholders Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, have confirmed that our services consistently run at a low unit cost and value for money.

Bridge has a lean, client-focused structure with low central office costs which allows us to spend more money where it is needed – supporting our clients.

“The quality of care delivered has been excellent. The economic argument is a powerful one, comparing the costs of placement in secure hospitals with the scheme provided at the TILT Project”

John Enser, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Why Bridge?

Bridge is a charitable organisation that was founded in South East London twenty-eight years ago and in that time has become the main provider of mental health services in Greenwich. In the past three years, our forensic service has expanded from 11 to 18 residents and we have secured new contracts for intensive and medium support.

Bridge helps over 500 people every year through a full range of services from 24 hour supported accommodation to flexible visiting support. Our skilled, dedicated staff stay up to date with current thinking and professional practices which enhances their talented and practical approach to support.

The services we manage are modern, efficient and effective. We provide a flexible pathway to ensure all clients have access to the most appropriate support for them at the current point in their life. We have high success rates in our provision – at Tilt, our forensic service, our residents have a 95% success rate of non-re offending after move-on.

Bridge is forward-thinking and solution-focused. We have established a unique Recovery College, one of the first in the country based in the heart of the community, accessible to all with students achieving independence. The college applies innovative educational approaches to enable students to live well and develop talents to enhance their recovery.


Bridge has established a clear, proven pathway for people with long-term mental health problems to progress to living more independently within the community. Bridge aims to help all our clients along a path that ultimately leads to them enjoying the same freedom, opportunities and everyday pleasures that most people take for granted.

Our pathway includes progressing from High Support Accommodation (24/7) to Medium Support Accommodation (9am to 9pm with on call support out of hours) and then on to Independent Living where Bridge support workers support clients in their own homes. We work in partnership with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust to ensure that our clients’ progress along their recovery pathway is supported at every stage.

Already since our new Medium Support Services started in December 1 2014, twelve people have moved on from our services, while many other clients, around 15%, have significantly reduced the hours of support they need as they develop the skills for living more independently.

Recovery College Greenwich, which we host, provides educational support to clients across our pathway and beyond in developing mental health and wellbeing skills for life.

Let's Work Together

Thanks to our supporters and through your generosity, we can provide those in need with the vital service, information and support that can change their lives for the better.

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